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Get to work on your very own cross stitch project, inspired by my favourite TV shows! The patterns are available in PDF format with full colour instructions for you to download and stitch along to. I'd love to see the completed cross stitch, tag me on Instagram when you've done :)

If you need any help, just get in touch and I'll be happy to advise!

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Cobra Kai.jpg

Cobra Kai

Suitable for a 7" x 5" frame

90 x 62 stitches

7 colours used

Flight of the Conchords.jpg

Flight of the Conchords

Suitable for a 5" x 7" frame

69 x 96 stitches

14 colours used

The Good Place.jpg

The Good Place

Suitable for a 5" hoop

49 x 43 stitches

5 colours used

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia  - Day

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Suitable for an 8" x 6" frame

111 x 79 stitches

6 colours used

The Office - bears, beets, battlestar ga

The Office

Suitable for a 5" hoop

42 x 48 stitches

10 colours used

Schitts Creek.jpg

Schitt's Creek

Suitable for a 5" x 3" frame

68 x 41 stitches

6 colours used

Stranger Things - Eleven.jpg

Stranger Things

Suitable for an 6" x 4" frame

86 x 56 stitches

6 colours used

Tiger King - hey you cool cats.jpg

Tiger King

Suitable for a 6" x 4" frame

85 x 58 stitches

3 colours used

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